Mykhaylo Zvyeryakov


A theoretical analysis of the crisis of the neoliberal model of globalization, which led to the processes of deindustrialization in many countries of the world, including Ukraine, is presented. It is shown that through the restoration of the development of high-tech sectors of the real economy, a global economic model is changing, that gives a chance to overcome negative consequences of the global crisis. The analysis of various models of capitalism under conditions of neoliberal globalization, including those in the countries emerging in the postsocialist space, has been carried out. It is shown that solving the contradiction that has developed in Ukrainian economy between current and long-term tasks is possible on the basis of a reproductive approach.

JEL: F02, L1, L16.

Ключові слова

Globalization; deindustrialization and reindustrialization; various models of capitalism; industrial policy; depreciation; strategic goal-setting; a model of sustainable economic growth.

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