Minutes of JEE

23 February, 2023

On February 22, 2023, the Academic Council of WUNU the 1st issue of the Journal of European Economy 2023 to be published during the first quarter. The issue will contain the following papers:

Economic Theory


Sharif HOSSAIN, Shah ALAM (Bangladesh) Production Function in the Garment Sector Under Increasing Returns to Scale: Case of Bangladesh


Iryna NAZAROVA (Ternopil, Ukraine) Electronic document in the context of international economic and legal framework

Europe in the Global Economic System


Aikaterini-Sotiria ARGYRIOU (Greece) Tanker fleet of Greece: strategy development in the conditions of sanctions against Russia

European Economic Integration


Oleksandr SHNYRKOV, Oleksii CHUGAIEV (Kyiv, Ukraine) Ukraine’s economic integration into the EU: context of the Russian-Ukrainian war


Nazarii LYPKO (Lviv, Ukrainian) Reassessment of the ‘Optimum Currency Area’ theory in the European Union

Monetary globalization


Oleksandr SHAROV (Kyiv, Ukraine) Geoeconomic structural shifts in global markets in the context of the future

Climate Neutrality in Economics



Iryna MAKSYMOVA (Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine) Integration of climate policies of Ukraine and the EU through digitalization


Olena BORYSIAK (Ternopil, Ukraine) Management of climate-neutral investment projects in the context of improving energy security

Medical Economics and Digitization of Health Care


Christian THIELSCHER, Karolin KAPPLER (Germany) Digitalization and organization of care: the case of oncology



Meeting of Journal of European Economy Editorial Board

12 November, 2020

Attending via ZOOM: prof. Savelyev, prof. Siskos, prof. Kurylyak, prof. Sharov, prof. Dzyublyuk, assoc. prof. Lishchynskyy, prof. Luchko, prof. Lyzun, prof. Shnyrkov, prof. Sokhatska, assoc. prof. Sokolowicz, prof. Tulai, prof. van der Hoek, manager Humenyuk, manager Korobii.

Attending via e-mail: prof. Bulatova, prof. Dluhopolskyi, prof. Eisen, prof. Freyer, prof. Kozyuk, assoc. prof. Schlichter, assoc. prof. Vitalisova.

 The Editorial Board has approved to:

              I.            Present the draft "Journal of European Economy" Vol.19, №4 for consideration of the Academic Council of West Ukrainian National University for a recommendation for publication.

             II.            Facilitate the publication of research results on the development of national economies of both developed countries and countries with emerging markets.

             III.            More widely involve authors working on doctoral dissertations in the final stages, as well as young researchers active in science.

            IV.            Ensure reviewers of articles submitted for publication pay special attention to:

a)     aspects highlighted by the Scopus Advisory Board;

b)    relevance of articles to actual problems of the European and international economy;

c)     inclusion of references to publications in journals that are part of the scientific-metric database Scopus in articles submitted for publication;

d)    use of modern research methods, especially economic and mathematical ones;

e)     not allowing publication of abstracts that do not meet the conditions of the journal in terms of scientific novelty, volume, adequacy of the summary of its content.

               V.            Initiate the organisation or participation of the Journal in scientific conferences and round tables, followed by the publication of researchers who have obtained significant scientific results in the Journal.

Editor-in-Chief                                                                  Yevhen Savelyev

Minute-taker                                                                      Olha Humenyuk




Editorial Board meeting of JOURNAL OF JOUROPEAN ECONOMY

14 May, 2020                                                                                                      Ternopil, via ZOOM platform

Attendees: professors M. P. van der Hoek  (the Netherlands); K. Vitalisova (Slovakia); K. Darvidu, E. Siskos, A. Sirikas (Greece); E. Freyer (Germany); B. R. Schlichter  (Denmark); О. Bulatova (Mariupol); О. Sharov (Kyiv); О. Dzyublyuk, О. Dluhopolskyi, V. Kuryliak, М. Lyzun, І. Lishchynskyi, Ye. Savelyev, О. Tulai (Ternopil).


  1. Introduction of the Editorial Board members

Yevhen Savelyev – Editor-in-Chief of the Journal

  1. Regarding the registration of the Journal’s name in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Viktoriia Korobii – Journal manager

  1. Regarding the formation of topic directions and editorial portfolio of the Journal

Yevhen Savelyev – Editor-in-Chief of the Journal



  1. To register the journal in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine under the name JOURNAL OF JOUROPEAN ECONOMY for two versions of issues: English and Ukrainian.
  2. To agree on the editorial policy of the Journal on scientific topics. To consider as priority directions: problems of European integration; EU enlargement; globalization and regionalization; the economies of the EU, especially the new members; socio-economic development of Ukraine in the context of European integration.
  3. All members of the editorial board to work on attracting new authors of publications in the Journal and ensuring high topicality of publications.

Editor-in-Chief                                                                               Ye. Savelyev

Secretary                                                                                         О. Humenyuk



Dear readers and authors!

01 February, 2020 

2020 marks the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of Journal of European Economy, publication of which began at instruction of President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. The journal publishes research findings that have new important scientific advances and contribute to the socio-economic development of European countries. Considerable attention is also paid to solving problems of the Ukrainian economy in the context of its European integration.

Over the years of its existence, the JEE has lent its pages to scientists of 27 countries (755 authors), including Germany (53), Greece (51), Poland (29), Italy (12), Slovenia (10), Slovakia (9), Bulgaria (7), Russia (5), Azerbaijan (4), France (3), the Netherlands (3), the United Kingdom (2), Japan (2), USA (2), China (2), Portugal (2), Belgium (2), Turkey (2), Austria (2), Pakistan (2), Kazakhstan (2), Czech Republic (2), India (1), Denmark (1), Belarus (1). As we enter the new 2020 year, we want to thank all of our authors and readers for their collaboration and interest in the JEE.

The JEE Editorial Board, our publisher and international partners see the need to update our strategy and mission for the coming years to better meet your needs and expectations. First, the JEE is focused on furthering the development of theoretical and applied research in all areas of the European economy, these include, but are not limited to: the theory of international economy; the economy of European countries; European integration; financial and banking services market; regionalization and globalization; trade relations; exchange rates. Second, the JEE remains a quarterly bilingual (English and Ukrainian) publication and an integral part of open access in cyberspace, but the number of publications doubles without losing their quality. 

It should be noted that the materials submitted for review and publication in the JEE must be between 10 and 15 pages, line spacing 1.5 (about 25,000 characters with spaces) and be emailed to; the detailed requirements for the article can be found on the JEE website at Your articles are accepted throughout the year with a maximum waiting time of 3 months; they must contain an abstract, keywords, JEL classification, and information about the author (full name; degree; place of employment and position; ORCID; Email). All graphic materials are provided in Excel.

We look forward to receiving your research papers for publication, as well as any suggestions, comments or questions you may have regarding the Journal of European Economy.

Editorial Board

Dear authors and readers of the Journal of European Economy!

01 March, 2022

Due to the declaration of martial law, the next issue of the journal will be published in June, 2022 as a combined issue of volume 21 #1 and #2. Thank you for understanding.

Editorial Board