To ensure effective competition for global resources, countries around the world are creating an international image (nation brands), on which their influence in the international arena depends. This brand is influenced by politics, governance and socio-economic development. The attractiveness of nation brands is a necessary condition for the competitiveness of the state. Based on the components of a significant measure of a country’s positive reputation of the Global Soft Power Index (GSPI) 2022 for 120 countries, a discriminant model was built to determine the significant factors that affect the level of perception of the state’s competitiveness and assess geopolitical risks.

JEL: F51, D74, O57.

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Nation brands; discriminant model; military invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine; soft power; hard power; geopolitical risks.

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Received: July 23, 2022.

Reviewed: August 15, 2022.

Accepted: August 29, 2022.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.35774/jee2022.03.242


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