The world experience of state promotion of high-tech exports is investigated, which involves the use of multifactorial legal, financial and insurance instruments. First, it is established that the country is not able to fully integrate into the world economic space and effectively develop without the development of high-tech exports. Secondly, it has been found that owning high-tech products in the context of globalization is becoming an extremely important factor in gaining competitive advantage in world markets, thus, national producers should rely on government assistance in the form of adequate risk coverage and various financing schemes. Thirdly, it is confirmed that Ukraine will be able to develop the system of state support for exports by expanding and improving the efficiency of existing state bodies, as well as creating institutional frameworks for the implementation of new mechanisms – the National Export Development Strategy of Ukraine.

JEL: F13, O24, O38.

Ключові слова

State incentive; export; high-tech products; competitive environment; world markets; export development strategy.

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