The main purpose of the publication is the development of theoretical approaches, systematization of the results of analysis and definition of measures for the formation of logistic systems of trade enterpreneurship subjects (trade enterprises), which belong to the small business sector.

The peculiarities of formation were identified and the problematic aspects of the modern stage of entrepreneurship development in Ukraine were identified. The existence of the logistic component in the general complex of the conduct of trading activity by the entrepreneurship subjects is determined.

The essence and ratio of concepts «system of logistic» and «logistics system» of the enterprise are determined. The objective of the logistics system organization as a complex, economic and technical and technological system covering the logistics system of the enterprise is emphasized), personnel of the management services of the enterprise logistic activity, as well as legal, organizational,managerial and methodical principles of all these elements interaction of the system and its management, formed on the basis of the scientific and theoretical basis (theory) of logistics management.

The peculiarities of the functioning of small business entities in Ukraine and the averaged parameters of commodity flows in this sector of economy are investigated, factors of logistic flows organization specificity formation in the retail segment, which influence the requirements for the creation and operation of trade enterprises logistic systems and the choice of approaches to them, are determined.

The attention is drawn to the need to consider as the main factor in the formation of the trade complex system of logistic of operational and functional processes of logistics activities, which are carried out by a trading company in order to bring commodity flows to end buyers of goods. The necessity of determining the structure of the logistics system of the trading company is focused on taking into account the resources available from the dealer in order to create opportunities for organizational, economic, technical and technological interaction with other supply chain participants in which the given enterprise is involved, and simultaneously ensuring compliance of the goods sold with the requirements end buyers.

The key directions of logistic activity improvement of enterprises of trade – subjects of small (and micro) entrepreneurship, which are connected with technical and technological and infrastructure improvements within the enterprise logistics system, introduction of modern management technologies in the logistics management subsystem and logistics administration, are grounded, as well as the use of outsourcing capabilities of logistics functions and operations and the use of modern communication tools for the radical change of trade technologies , which will be reflected in the requirements for organizing a complex of logistics activities of retailers and, accordingly, logistic systems created by them.

The purpose of the research is to develop theoretical approaches, to systematize the results of the analysis of the essential characteristics and the composition of the trade company system of logistics, and to identify the main measures for the formation of the system of logistics of the subjects of trade enterprise (trade enterprises), which belong to the small business sector.

Object of research – subjects of trade enterprise – trade enterprises, which belong to the small business sector.

The subject of the study is theoretical and methodological principles of logistic activity organization and conceptual approaches to the construction of logistic formations in the conditions of integration processes.

In accordance with the goal formulated, the main objectives of the study:
• on the basis of analysis of the most common scientific theories to determine mechanisms for managing them;
• to identify new approaches for identifying the essence of logistics, the content of logistics activities of trade enterprises and identify the actual problems of their construction;
• to formulate a conceptual approach, basic principles and applied principles of organization of logistic formations with the participation of small business entities;
• to develop scientific and practical recommendations on the construction of trade enterprises systems of logistics and their development taking into account the integration processes in the field of commodity circulation.

JEL: М20, L81.

Ключові слова

Business entity; trade enterpreneurship; trade enterprise; retail trade; logistic activity; logistics system; logistics system structure; logistic infrastructure; logistics center.

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